ImageVerifier for Windows is back

I took it away last week when ImageIngester was removed from sale, but now ImageVerifier is back. (ImageIngester isn’t and won’t be.) In fact, you can now buy it separately for Windows for $14.99. (It used to be available on Windows only when combined with ImageIngester.) As before, there’s a trial version that can handle 50 images at a time.

The new version is 1.4.1, and you can upgrade if you’re already using ImageVerifier on Windows. I’ve fixed a few little bugs, but nothing that you’d notice.

I’ve listed the new version of ImageVerifier as running on versions of Windows from XP through 10, but I’ve only tested it on 10. File a support request if you have any problems on earlier versions of Windows.

You can continue to buy ImageVerifier for the Mac from the Mac App Store.