ImageIngester no longer sold; Ingestamatic continues on

Kagi, who has been handling ImageIngester registration codes for many years, suddenly went out of business, with zero notice. I’ve decided not to revise ImageIngester to use an alternative system, for two reasons:

  1. Sales are very low, and
  2. Ingestamatic does nearly everything ImageIngester does, a few things it doesn’t, has a much better user interface, and costs half as much.

I will continue to support ImageIngester users to the extent possible, but there will be no further updates. If you’ve paid for it and want a free unlock code for Ingestamatic, let me know.

Any installed versions of ImageIngester will continue to run. Kagi is involved only in sending out registration codes.

ImageVerifier will also no longer be sold, other than through the Mac App Store. I will continue to support ImageVerifier users.