My new NUC has arrived

I installed the RAM, the SSD, and the hard drive in the NUC without a hitch. Unfortunately, the Dell U2515H monitor I bought won’t allow the NUC to be mounted to the VESA mount on the monitor’s back, because the monitor’s stand covers the VESA mount, which it doesn’t actually use (it has its own clips). So, I can’t use a nifty VESA extension bracket I found, one end of which would go between the monitor and VESA-mounted stand, and the other end of which would hold the NUC.

Instead, I mounted the NUC’s VESA mounting plate to the lower part of the stand with plastic straps, as shown in the first photo. That made a suitable mount for the NUC, as shown in the second photo.

MJR_2016-01-06_File_000 (2)MJR_2016-01-06_File_000 (3)

I ran the crude NovaBench benchmarks, and came up with an overall score of 862 for the NUC, compared to 505 for my late-2009 iMac. The CPU Tests were 478 compared to 234, the Graphics Tests were 100 compared to 94, and the Hardwware Tests (disk/SSD speeds) were 44 compared to 26. (This was with the SSD in the NUC; the hard drive wasn’t yet installed.)

More realistically, going from Lightroom to one of the Topaz plugins and back to Lightroom was so slow as to be painful on the Mac. On the new computer, it takes just seconds. Some of this is no doubt due to the 16GB (vs. 8GB) of RAM, which didn’t enter into the NovaBench scores.

I was also pleased that I was able to download the utility for my very old Spyder 2PRO monitor calibrator, and it works!

I’m now transferring my 450GB or so of photos. Then I’ll have to open the catalog in the Windows version of Lightroom, tell it the location of the originals, and I should be off and running.