ImageVerifier Version 1.3.01 handles newer DNG images

Previous versions of ImageVerifier processed non-DNG raws by passing them through Adobe DNG Converter, whereas DNGs were processed internally, using a library supplied by Adobe. The problem with this approach was that ImageVerifier couldn’t handle new DNG versions when they first came out, and users had to wait for an ImageVerifier update.

Now, with Version 1.3.01, ImageVerifier processes DNGs through DNG Converter, so all you have to do to stay updated with new DNG versions is update to the latest DNG Converter, making sure ImageVerifier’s Preferences are set appropriately.

Previous versions of ImageVerifier distinguished between DNGs and non-DNG raws. This is no longer the case; now they are all called simply “raws”.

Because this new version hasn’t been subjected to much field testing by users, treat it with caution.