Ingestamatic Version 2.20B1 for Windows

This major new version of Ingestamatic for Windows brings it up-to-date with the Mac version, which got most of these features back in March. Because so much is new, proceed cautiously, and don’t use this version for important images until you’ve convinced yourself that it’s working. As usual, always check that the files were ingested properly before deleting images from the card or camera.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Photo Stream button on Image Source panel, to quickly ingest from Apple Photo Stream.
  • DNG options for preview size and embedded raw on Preferences.
  • Ingested files have their modified time set to the originals.
  • Duplicate images, based on file modification time and EXIF metadata, automatically skipped.
  • New Edit-menu command to Select Checked.
  • Track Manager now shows starting and ending points of tracks, and the tracks themselves.
  • Manual Geotagging panel now uses a marker instead of crosshairs.
  • Image Viewer starts with first selected image.
  • Double-clicking a thumbnail shows it in the Image Viewer.
  • Geotagging info in Preview panel clarified.
  • ExifTool (used for embedding GPS coordinates) upgraded to Version 9.3.4.
  • GPSBabel upgraded to
  • Several minor bugs fixed.