Webinar: NIL Expert Sam Green on Developing your Athletes Personal Brand [VIDEO]

April 15, 2024

Basepath hosted a webinar to educate university athletic departments and collectives on how their athletes can develop their personal brands with guest speaker and NIL Content Creator Sam Green on March 21, 2024. 

Sam is an expert in social media branding and NIL marketing for college athletes. Initially, Sam emphasized understanding platform dynamics, particularly focusing on Instagram and TikTok. She highlighted Instagram’s versatility for professional content across various channels and TikTok’s appeal to younger demographics through dynamic trends.

16:25 – Social Media Strategy

Sam emphasized the importance of clarity in social media and NIL strategies, highlighting the need to align goals with actions. She recounted a scenario where a track athlete expressed aspirations of becoming a motivational speaker post-graduation but lacked a present-day plan. Sam intervened, stressing the significance of building a platform while still in college to capitalize on existing fan bases. Through strategic planning and content positioning, the athlete transitioned towards her goal with newfound confidence and direction.

7:36 – Social Media Ads and ROI

Sam also delved into the significance of ROI-driven content creation and the effectiveness of whitelisting campaigns on social media platforms. She explained how whitelisting campaigns enable organizations to leverage athletes’ social media presence efficiently, ensuring alignment with brand objectives and audience preferences for maximum impact.

24:51 – Sam’s Content Workshops for Athletes

Sam shared insights into her NIL content creation workshops, which provide athletes with practical experience in crafting tailored content. Through partnerships with brands or local businesses, these workshops empower athletes to create compelling advertisements, fostering genuine audience connection.

28:55 – Athlete Con

She also discussed Athlete Con, an event designed to address the educational gaps in athlete empowerment and NIL understanding. Led by Sam, it aims to provide athletes with practical skills and knowledge crucial for navigating the evolving landscape of content creation and NIL deals. Through workshops led by industry experts, attendees will gain insights into content creation, legal aspects of NIL contracts, and financial management. Brands will offer hands-on collaboration opportunities, while breakout sessions will provide essential resources like headshot stations and tax assistance. The event culminates in an awards night, recognizing standout athlete advertisements with year-long NIL deals. The event will be held June 1st in Charlotte.

33:00 – Common Challenges

Sam addressed common challenges faced by student-athletes, such as fear of judgment and uncertainty about content creation. She emphasized the importance of aligning content creation goals with personal aspirations and leveraging platforms like TikTok to engage younger demographics effectively.

40:54 – Contact Sam for NIL Assistance

Sam offered actionable advice for universities and collectives seeking to support student-athletes in their NIL endeavors, advocating for investment in educational resources and workshops to equip athletes with essential skills and knowledge for success in the digital age. Sam and Basepath can also both be found at Athlete Con in Charlotte.

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