To the Top Collective Selects Basepath as its Exclusive NIL Operations Provider for Memberships

August 3, 2023

To the Top Collective supports Southern Mississippi Student Athletes with NIL opportunities

Hattiesburg, Mississippi (August 2023) – To the Top Collective has selected Basepath, the leading NIL operations software company for collectives, universities, and student athletes, as  their exclusive NIL operations platform for membership management. This collaboration aims to enhance the student-athlete experience, create opportunities, and promote long-term retention by utilizing name, image, and likeness (NIL) agreements.

By partnering with Basepath, To the Top Collective gains access to advanced membership management software. Basepath’s technology simplifies the management and compliance processes associated with NIL deals. The software automates time-consuming administrative tasks, empowering student-athletes to focus on their athletic pursuits and academics while optimizing their NIL opportunities.

To the Top Collective enters into NIL agreements with Southern Miss student-athletes, allowing them to license their publicity rights in return for compensation. This licensing enables the collective to promote the student-athletes on their website, at events, and through various digital media channels. Compensation is provided to student-athletes in semester installments, and to alleviate potential tax concerns, To the Top Collective also makes estimated tax payments on behalf of the student-athletes to federal and state taxing authorities throughout the term of each NIL agreement.

“We are excited to partner with Basepath and the potential they bring to enhancing the student athlete experience at Southern Miss.” Said To The Top Collective Executive Director Peter Boehme. “The service Basepath provides will assist in our mission to help Golden Eagle student athletes establish a solid foundation for their future careers.” 

Boehme added, “we invite all Southern Miss alumni and supporters to join us in this mission. Together we can provide new opportunities that will help sustain Hattiesburg as an elite destination for college athletes.” 

The collaboration between To the Top Collective and Basepath sets the stage for an ecosystem where Southern Miss student-athletes can flourish both on and off the field. The support and resources provided by the collaboration create an environment conducive to personal growth, academic achievement, and professional development.

“We are thrilled to provide To the Top with NIL technology that supports their mission to empower Southern Miss student-athletes,” said CEO of Basepath, Thomas Thomas Jr. “Together, we can make a lasting impact and help their student athletes reach new heights.”

In addition to membership management, Basepath offers operational technology for assigning tasks to athletes, sending payments to athletes, analyzing all of their activity on a dashboard, inviting sponsors to assign tasks and pay athletes, automated contracts through a DocuSign integration, university compliance and a wallet app for student-athletes to consolidate their NIL deals, income, tax estimations and financial support.

About To The Top Collective

To The Top Collective is an initiative within the Southern Mississippi community focused on enhancing the student-athlete experience, creating opportunities, and retaining talented individuals in the long term. By providing a platform for all alumni and supporters of Southern Miss to contribute, the Collective aims to make a lasting impact on the lives of those representing the Black and Gold. To get involved and learn more, visit

About Basepath

Basepath is the leading provider of NIL operations software for collectives, universities, agents and student-athletes. On the mobile app, Basepath Wallet helps athletes manage their NIL finances, employment income, and university grants. Collectives supported by Basepath include University of South Carolina Collective Garnet Trust, University of Louisville 502Circle Collective and Foundation, University of Minnesota Collective Dinkytown, FAU Paradise Collective and Iowa State We Will Collective. For more information about Basepath, visit or its social media pages on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

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