The Green and The Gold Collective Supporting North Dakota State University Student Athletes Selects Basepath as Operations Provider

October 17, 2023

The Green and The Gold Collective supports North Dakota State University student athletes with NIL opportunities 

Fargo, North Dakota (October, 2023) – Basepath, the leading NIL operations software company for collectives, universities, and student-athletes has been chosen as the exclusive provider for the The Green and The Gold Collective, created to support student athletes from North Dakota State University (NDSU). This collaboration aims to simplify the “Name, Image, and Likeness” (NIL) landscape by assisting student-athletes with their NIL deals and finances.

The Green and The Gold Collective is committed to championing the rights, opportunities, and well-being of North Dakota State University’s Bison athletes in the ever-evolving landscape of NIL(Name, Image, Likeness). Their mission is to empower and educate student-athletes, ensuring they make informed decisions about their NIL rights, while fostering a culture of integrity, responsibility, and community engagement.

Basepath’s platform offers a suite of financial and operational solutions tailored to the needs of student-athletes and collectives. These encompass automated task assignments and payment processing for athletes, real-time compliance dashboards for athletic department officials, and a platform for both Collective administrators and student-athletes to initiate and finalize NIL contracts.

“The automation Basepath provides is invaluable and saves us  time and effort in managing NIL tasks that would otherwise be tedious to handle manually,” said The Green and The Gold Collective Founder Jay Bartley. “Together, we are wholly dedicated to nurturing the growth of our student-athletes, equipping them with tools and resources for success in the evolving NIL landscape.”

Bartley added, “our alignment with Basepath underscores our shared commitment to advancing the financial and professional development of student-athletes.”

In this collaboration, The Green and The Gold Collective will leverage Basepath’s membership management software to establish a direct and meaningful connection between NDSU supporters and student-athletes. This innovative technology bridges the gap, allowing fans to forge deeper connections with their favorite athletes.

The Green and The Gold Collective offers a range of membership tiers uniquely designed to bolster NDSU Student-Athletes. From the lowest tier at $10 a month to the highest tier at $1,000 a month, fans can find a tier that resonates with their level of commitment. Members enjoy an array of exclusive benefits, including exclusive access to content, memorabilia, events, athletes, and coaches.

Basepath Co-Founder and CEO Thomas Thomas Jr. emphasized the evolving role of collectives in collegiate sports, stating, “collectives are continuing to emerge as a driving force in supporting student-athletes and their communities.”

Thomas continued, “Basepath takes immense pride in supporting The Green and The Gold Collective as they strive to expand NIL opportunities and elevate the overall student-athlete experience at NDSU.”

Basepath also offers a Basepath Wallet exclusively designed for student-athletes. Addressing the challenges faced by athletic directors in monitoring NIL deal disclosures, the Basepath wallet enhances transparency by offering administrators insights into athletes’ income and NIL contracts. The wallet acts as a centralized hub for consolidating all athlete NIL deals, regardless of their origin. Athletes gain enhanced financial control, along with valuable guidance on 1099 contractor tax obligations and effective financial management.

About The Green and The Gold Collective

The Green and The Gold Collective is dedicated to advocating for the rights, opportunities, and overall welfare of North Dakota State University’s Bison athletes in the continually changing realm of NIL. Their primary objective is to equip and inform student-athletes, enabling them to make well-informed choices concerning their NIL rights, all while nurturing a culture centered on integrity, accountability, and active community involvement. Find out more information at

About Basepath

Basepath is the leading provider of NIL operations software for collectives, universities, agents and student-athletes. On the mobile app, Basepath Wallet helps athletes manage their NIL finances, employment income, and university grants. Collectives supported by Basepath include University of Louisville 502Circle Collective and Foundation, University of Minnesota Collective Dinkytown, Florida State University Rising Spear Collective and Iowa State We Will Collective. For more information about Basepath, visit or its social media pages on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

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