The Cougar Collective Supporting Washington State Student-Athletes Selects Basepath as Exclusive NIL Operations Provider

August 21, 2023

The Cougar Collective supports Washington State University student athletes with NIL opportunities 

Pullman, Washington (August, 2023) – Basepath, the leading NIL operations software company for collectives, universities, and student-athletes has been chosen as the exclusive provider for the Cougar Collective, created to support student athletes from Washington State University (WSU). This collaboration aims to simplify the “Name, Image, and Likeness” (NIL) landscape by assisting student-athletes with their NIL deals and finances. 

The Cougar Collective’s mission is to provide WSU student-athletes with the tools and support to maximize their NIL potential. By allowing athletes to build their brands, the collective aims to create a sustainable environment where student-athletes can excel both on and off the field.

Basepath provides financial and operational infrastructure for streamlining an NIL ecosystem for Cougar student athletes. This includes assigning tasks and sending payments to athletes, automatically updating a compliance dashboard for athletic department officials, and allowing Cougar Collective administrators and student athletes to send and receive NIL contracts. 

Basepath also offers the Athlete Wallet feature for student-athletes. With many NIL marketplaces and businesses paying athletes, a lack of NIL deal disclosures has become a pain point for athletic directors. The Basepath wallet increases disclosure rates by allowing administrators data on their athletes’ income and NIL deals. The wallet consolidates all NIL deals in one place, which improves financial control and estimates 1099 contractor taxes.

“Basepath saves us hours of time and effort to complete NIL tasks automatically that otherwise would have been strenuous manually,” said Co-Chairman of the Cougar Collective, Jed Collins. “Together, we are dedicated to supporting our student-athletes by equipping them with the tools and resources they need to flourish in the NIL era.”

Collins added, “the Cougar Collective and Basepath are aligned in our commitment to nurturing the financial and professional development of student-athletes.”

As a part of the alliance, Cougar Collective will leverage Basepath’s membership management software, connecting Washington State fans with Cougar student-athletes. This software will serve as a bridge, creating a direct connection that allows supporters to engage with their favorite athletes on a more personal level. 

There is a wide array of Cougar Collective’s membership tiers designed to support Cougar Student-Athletes. From Cougar Gray, beginning at $18.90 a month, to the premier Palouse Posse tier at $5000 a year, there’s a level suited to each fan’s dedication. With a membership, fans are able to enjoy exclusive perks like event access and athlete-specific content.

“Collectives are the new driving force behind collegiate sports, supporting student-athletes and communities alike,” said Co-Founder, and CEO of Basepath, Thomas Thomas Jr. “Basepath is proud to support the Cougar Collective in their efforts to increase NIL opportunities and enhance the WSU student athlete experience.”

About the Cougar Collective

The Cougar Collective, founded by Cougs for Cougs, is dedicated to empowering WSU student-athletes in the NIL era. The Collective provides resources, education, and assistance to athletes, fostering an environment where they can build their personal brands and succeed both on and off the field. More information can be found at

About Basepath

Basepath is the leading provider of NIL operations software for collectives, universities, agents and student-athletes. On the mobile app, Basepath Wallet helps athletes manage their NIL finances, employment income, and university grants. Collectives supported by Basepath include University of Louisville 502Circle Collective and Foundation, University of Minnesota Collective Dinkytown, Florida State University Rising Spear Collective and Iowa State We Will Collective. For more information about Basepath, visit or its social media pages on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

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