Here’s How to Make a Direct Impact on your Favorite College Basketball Players

April 1, 2024

The best way to support your favorite college basketball team is by contributing directly to the student-athletes through their NIL collective. We’ve created a guide listing all 64 teams in March Madness and their collectives to help you make your team better. By giving to the collective, you provide NIL resources and opportunities straight to the athletes, helping improve their performance on the courts.

Explore our guide today by clicking on the image below, here, or scrolling down to the list.

All March Madness Schools and NIL Collectives

About Basepath

Basepath is the leading provider of NIL operations software for collectives, universities and student-athletes. On the mobile app, Basepath Wallet helps athletes manage their NIL finances, employment income, and university grants. Collectives supported by Basepath include University of Louisville’s 502Circle Collective and Foundation, University of Colorado’s 5430 Foundation, University of Georgia’s Classic City Collective, Florida State University’s Rising Spear Collective and Ole Miss’ The Grove Collective. If you’re interested in learning more about Basepath, contact us today.