Basepath Collective Awards

January 4, 2024

Welcome to the inaugural Basepath Collective Awards, where we celebrate the outstanding achievements and resilience of our collectives in the ever-evolving landscape of collegiate sports. In this event, we shine a spotlight on the remarkable accomplishments of our collectives, recognizing excellence in categories that span from Best Merchandise to Most Resilient. As we delve into the highlights of the past year, join us in acknowledging the collective strength, innovation, and dedication that define the spirit of the Basepath community. 

Highest Fundraising Effort

Alliance 412 emerges as a winner in fundraising efforts, championing a million-dollar mission to support Pitt athletes. With an impressive $890k raised, Alliance 412 demonstrates an unwavering commitment to empowering Pitt athletes in navigating the evolving landscape of NIL opportunities. Kudos to Alliance 412 for their outstanding initiative and impactful strides in the world of collegiate athletics and NIL! See more information at

We Will, another force to be reckoned with in fundraising, is on a roll! During their Together We Will campaign, We Will raised over 1 million dollars, making a direct impact on both Cyclones athletics and their communities. With Cyclone Nation behind them, We Will is proving that fundraising for the Cyclones can lead to extraordinary results both on and off the field. Congratulations We Will! Check out their campaign at 

Most Creative Fundraising Effort 

Congratulations to the innovative minds behind the 502 Circle Flash Give! Their outstanding use of QR codes in the stadium not only brought a new and exciting dimension to fundraising but also earned them the well-deserved title of “Most Creative Fundraising Effort.” This award is a testament to their ingenuity and dedication to pushing the boundaries of traditional fundraising. Kudos to the team for this well-deserved recognition! 

A standing ovation to Eagle Nation for orchestrating an NIL Benefit Concert! Their approach to fundraising has drawn in new members and also earned them the title of “Most Creative Fundraising Effort.” The concert demonstrated the power of creativity in fueling meaningful initiatives. Congratulations on this achievement! 

Best merchandise

Congratulations to The Grove for securing the Best Merchandise award with their Holiday Pop-Up Shop. The discerning curation of festive designs and premium products distinguished The Grove in the competitive merchandise landscape. This recognition underscores The Grove’s dedication to delivering merchandise that embodies collective identity and resonates with the Rebels fan base. Well done on this achievement!

Congratulations to SD4L for achieving the Best Merchandise award. The strategic use of dog mascots and players as models has elevated SD4L’s merchandise line. SD4L goes beyond the ordinary with stylish clothes and unique accessories, turning their merchandise into a symbol of collective pride. Kudos to SD4L for hitting new heights in the merchandise game!

Best Use of Basepath

Congratulations to Blueprint for their adept use of Basepath to power athlete operations. Their strategic implementation of the platform underscores a commitment to enhancing athlete management and operational efficiency. Blueprint’s proficient use of Basepath reflects a forward-thinking approach to streamlining operations and maximizing athlete engagement.

The second winner for “Best Use of Basepath” is Dinkytown, who deserves recognition for their substantial representation of athletes on Basepath. The significant number of athletes affiliated with Dinkytown on the platform highlights their dedication to leveraging Basepath’s capabilities for collective growth and enhanced athlete engagement. This achievement showcases Dinkytown’s strategic approach to utilizing Basepath as a pivotal tool in NIL and athlete management.

Most Resilient

Hats off to Cougar Collective for showcasing remarkable resilience during a period of conference realignment difficulty. Their ability to not only weather the challenges but also gain new members underscores their commitment to collective strength and endurance. Cougar Collective’s tenacity serves as an inspiring example of overcoming adversity in the face of organizational challenges. Congratulations on the Most Resilient Award!

A salute to Rising Spear for earning the title of Most Resilient. Their unwavering support for athletes and the unified rallying of the university after exclusion from the college football playoffs exemplify extraordinary resilience. Rising Spear’s ability to navigate setbacks and emerge stronger as a collective is a testament to their resilience, fortitude, and commitment to weathering challenges together. Congratulations on the Most Resilient Award!