Basepath Announces New Wallet Feature

November 1, 2023

Basepath Wallet is a mobile app that consolidates and analyzes student-athlete finances

In the ever-evolving landscape of college sports, the name, image, and likeness (NIL) rights of student-athletes have taken center stage. With the introduction of the Basepath Wallet by Basepath, a groundbreaking tool designed to empower student-athletes and streamline NIL management, a new era of financial control and transparency emerges.

The NCAA’s landmark decision to grant student-athletes the right to profit from their NIL in 2021 brought forth a wave of transformation. No longer bound by the restrictions that curtailed their ability to capitalize on their own image and likeness, college athletes faced a new world of financial opportunities. However, with great opportunities came great challenges. Managing a burgeoning portfolio of NIL deals can quickly become a logistical nightmare, especially for student-athletes trying to balance their academic and athletic commitments.

This is where the Basepath Wallet comes into play. It serves as a centralized hub for managing every aspect of a student-athlete’s NIL ventures. By offering a single platform to track, manage, and disclose their deals, student-athletes can navigate the complex world of NIL with ease.

Streamlined Deal Management

One of the most significant challenges for student-athletes is the management of NIL deals. Prior to the Basepath Wallet, the process was often fragmented, leading to missed opportunities and potential compliance issues. With the wallet, student-athletes can streamline every aspect of their deals.

Student athletes can use Basepath Wallet to do the following:

  • Track Agreements: All NIL agreements, from sponsorships to endorsement deals, can be recorded in one place. Student-athletes can easily review the details of each deal, including compensation, deliverables, and contract terms.
  • Automate Compliance: The Basepath Wallet uses smart technology to flag potential compliance concerns. It ensures that student-athletes remain within the boundaries set by their institution and the NCAA, reducing the risk of inadvertent rule violations.
  • Schedule Payment Notifications: Payment tracking is simplified, as the wallet allows student-athletes to schedule payment notifications. They can stay informed about when payments are due and ensure that they receive compensation promptly.
  • Store Legal Documents: Every deal requires legal documentation. The Basepath Wallet provides a secure space for storing contracts, licenses, and any other legal paperwork associated with NIL agreements.

Administrative Transparency

While the Basepath Wallet greatly benefits student-athletes, it also brings a new level of transparency for administrators. Colleges and universities can seamlessly oversee NIL activities and ensure that their student-athletes remain compliant with institutional and NCAA regulations.

Administrators can use Basepath Wallet to:

  • Access Real-Time Data: The wallet provides real-time data on student-athlete NIL activities. This ensures that administrators have a comprehensive view of the financial landscape for the athletes under their purview.
  • Identify Compliance Concerns: By using automated compliance checks, administrators can proactively address potential rule violations. This reduces the risk of administrative penalties and sanctions.
  • Enhance Communication: The wallet fosters better communication between student-athletes and administrators. If there are concerns or issues regarding an NIL deal, all parties can quickly address them through the platform.
  • Support Financial Literacy: Administrators can also use the Basepath Wallet to promote financial literacy among student-athletes. By having insights into their income and obligations, administrators can provide guidance and support when needed.

Financial Literacy and Confidence

One of the transformative aspects of the Basepath Wallet is its role in fostering financial literacy and confidence among student-athletes. It equips them with the tools and information needed to make informed decisions about their NIL opportunities.

The wallet can be used to:

  • Educates on Financial Obligations: It provides student-athletes with a clear understanding of their financial obligations, such as taxes and deductions. This knowledge is crucial for sound financial management.
  • Empowers Better Decision-Making: With access to real-time financial data, student-athletes can make informed decisions about their NIL opportunities. They can assess which deals are most lucrative and which align best with their personal brand.
  • Enhances Financial Control: The wallet puts the financial control back into the hands of student-athletes. They have the power to manage their earnings and investments, ultimately shaping their financial future.

“This will be huge, especially the taxes part,” said Michigan State University (MSU) football player and Basepath user, Tre Mosley. “A lot of athletes may not have the expertise when it comes to paying taxes… they have to help themselves.” 

Mosley added, “that is something that would be great to have… whenever you have opportunities to manage your money and see it on your phone, you can’t really beat that.”

His teammate, fellow MSU Football player Keyshawn Blackstock, agreed.

“I don’t use anything else because I trust Basepath,” said Blackstock. “Basepath will keep you updated… when I get deals, it tells you the amount and what you have to do.”

Blackstock continued, “it’s on time with everything [and] everybody can benefit from it… you can’t lose anything, it’s just more knowledge to you that can help in the long run.”

A New Era of NIL Management

The Basepath Wallet by Basepath heralds a new era of NIL management for student-athletes and administrators alike. It simplifies the often complex process of dealing with NIL opportunities while promoting transparency, compliance, and financial literacy.

“We are thrilled to unveil Basepath Wallet, a solution that provides athletes the tools and support to navigate the complex landscape of NIL with confidence,” said Basepath Founder and CEO Thomas Thomas Jr. “We’ve worked with thousands of athletes to build an operational foundation that protects their financial interests as they capitalize on their NIL ventures.”

Basepath Wallet comes in addition to the operations software Basepath has built for NIL organizations. The technology facilitates task management and streamlining payments for collectives, agents and other student-athlete sponsors. The software centralizes collective operations, providing a structure for athletes to maximize their NIL opportunities while maintaining financial stability. Basepath’s intuitive interface, real-time visibility and convenient integrations redefine how NIL organizations manage their contracts and finances, enabling them to focus on supporting their student-athletes.

As the NIL landscape continues to evolve, tools like the Basepath Wallet will play an integral role in ensuring that student-athletes maximize their earnings, remain within the boundaries of NCAA regulations, and build a solid foundation for their financial futures. It represents a significant step forward in empowering student-athletes to take control of their financial destinies while shining a light on the future of NIL in college sports.