New ImageIngesterPro Version for Windows: Ingest Up to 8 Cards Simultaneously

Updated 5-July-2008 to reflect changes in Version 3.1.04.

ImageIngesterPro Version 3.1.02 has just been posted for Windows and OS X.
The new multi-card feature, allowing you to ingest up to 8 cards at once, is now available on Windows.
(That feature was released for OS X last week.)

Changes in this version (for both platforms except where noted):

  • Supported on Windows as well as OS X

  • Better use of color on Ingestion Monitor panel (e.g., green for OK, orange for stopped)

  • Spaces around items in lists in IPTC metadata now removed (keywords, catalog sets, and people)

  • XMP sidecar comment now at end, to improve compatibility (e.g., with ExifTool)

  • Better diagnostics for some errors

  • Bug fix: Sometimes the pre-conversion backup folder was passed to the viewer instead of the primary folder

  • Bug fix: Ingesting from thumbnail choices didn’t work if source was set to “user choice”

  • Bug fix: Sometimes main window was not seen in its entirety on Windows

  • Bug fix: On Windows, text in edit fields was sometimes superimposed on itself

  • Bug fix: On Windows, GPS tagging could result in number-range folder not properly named

  • Bug fix: Pressing Set button for Destination or File Handling reset unsaved Quick Field values

  • Several other minor bugs fixed

  • [updated] Known limitations and bugs: Final ingestion counts missing; no partitioning; multi-camera shoot feature not fully tested.

6 thoughts on “New ImageIngesterPro Version for Windows: Ingest Up to 8 Cards Simultaneously

  1. Drew Fulton


    Version 3 is really starting to sound pretty great. I haven’t made the upgrade yet and was wondering what level of stability can be expected from the current version. I leave Monday for a 7 week trip to Costa Rica. Think I am ok to go ahead and make the move to v3? I really would like the chance to use a couple of the new features and the layout looks great.

    I guess I can always keep v2 on the computer as well. Any thoughts?

    Thanks again for your fantastic work and great program.


  2. marc Post author

    It’s too early to use Version 3.1 for real, Drew… Too much was reworked to support multiple cards. Better to wait a week or two until more people have experimented with it and reported back. I’ll change the maturity indicator from “beta” to “low”, and then to “medium”. (And, eventually, to “high”.)

    Thanks for the nice words!


  3. Drew Fulton

    Sounds good Marc. I will keep checking back. I just downloaded 3.1 and the interface looks greast. Can’t wait to start using it. Sorry I don’t have the time at the moment to help run it through the works. Talk to you soon.


  4. Greg Barnett


    Just did an ingestion with 3.1.02 and there seems to be an issue with keywords that have a space in them. Using a Quick Field to enter random keywords not in my main list, “burr trail” returned a result of “burr.” I noticed your change note above about removing spaces but chopping off the remainder of the keyword was proably not the intent? I frequently use keywords that are made up of more than a single word.


  5. Greg Barnett


    Another observation, if your destination disk has insufficient space with DNG conversion turned on, ImageIngester returns an error (after doing the back up) that the source files are possibly corrupted rather than telling you there’s no space.


  6. marc Post author

    Thanks for these reports, Greg. …

    I’m not sure either issue is new with 3.x. I will check both out. …


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