How I do backups now – updated

When I last blogged about my backup plan, I was using┬áDisk Master Free to do a backup each night, in addition to the continuous backups with Bvckup and CrashPlan. A reader suggested that having both local backups online all the time made then accessible to ransomware and viruses. So, I dropped the┬áDisk Master Free backup and replaced it with two full backups once a week, alternating weeks. That way I get a week to discover if one of them has been compromised during the short time it was online. I’d have to go to CrashPlan with its time-consuming restore only for the files not on the last good backup. Safer, and not much additional work.

So, it’s:

  • Continuous backup with Bvckup and CrashPlan.
  • Once-a-week to alternating disks (also with Bvckup), kept offline when not being written to.
  • Photos to Amazon S3 a few times a year.