Time to drop iOS apps

Most of my iOS apps show photos stored on Smugmug, and somewhere the URLs changed. (I think it’s an Apple problem, not Smugmug’s.) It’s a very minor fix, but it involves updating all the apps. That, unfortunately, involves creating new icons and launch images for different iPhone screen resolutions, and fixing up all sorts of app-submission changes since those apps were last updated.

I would do the work, but Apple’s Xcode-based packaging and submittal process is so ridiculously clumsy that it’s just too unpleasant, for way too many hours. (Example: Apple demands a launch image with a “-568h” suffix for 4-inch iPhone 5 devices. I’ve spent maybe 4 hours trying to get App Store to accept my app with the icon, with no luck. 9/11 and Dorothea Lange worked, but not Manzanar. I give up.)

I went through the torture for 9/11 and Dorothea Lange and got them submitted. If Apple accepts them, fine. If they’re as difficult to deal with as they are on the Mac side, then those will go, too, although I will make a huge effort to keep at least 9/11 available.

This is only for iOS apps. Mac versions in the App Store will continue to be there as long as they continue to work, which they do as of now. For some of them (Ingestamatic, ExifChanger, and ProofSheet), you can get an unlock code for the newer version downloadable from basepath.com just by sending an email to support. None of my Mac apps will be updated on the Mac App Store, ever, because Apple rejects all of my updates. (Features that were acceptable a few years ago no longer are, and I don’t have time or interest in redesigning the apps to suit Apple’s changing requirements.)

Do you get the impression that I don’t think much of Apple from a developer viewpoint? They’re arrogant, non-communicative, inflexible, and stupid, and life’s too short to spend any of it dealing with them. Fortunately, it’s still possible to distribute Mac apps outside of the App Store, which I’ll continue to do. When and if Apple puts a stop to that, I’ll drop Apple completely.