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ExifChanger Version 4 Beta 7

Fixed what I think are the last of the international-character problems, and now this beta is final for Version 4.00, unless some other errors come up. Please check it out and let me know.

A few have asked about registration codes. Betas are independent of App Store and website-direct purchases, and don’t require any sort of license. They do expire, however. When you download the released Version 4.00, it will honor any registration you have set from the last non-beta version.

ExifChanger Version 4 Beta 6

Improved handling of international characters. Pasting into edit fields and panels now works better, and characters are converted for proper display in the field table. If a field is not being displayed properly, you can control whether conversion is enabled via the newly renamed Reorder/Convert Fields panel.

ExifChanger Version 4 Beta 5

One more change to the way TIFF.ImageDescription and IPTC.Caption/Abstract are handled:

In Beta 5, TIFF.ImageDescription is shown, but is not directly changeable (no checkbox). You can use a preset to set IPTC.Caption/Abstract from it if you want. As in Version 3 (and 4.00B4), changes to IPTC.Caption/Abstract are made to both fields.

ExifChanger Version 4 Beta 4

Slight change from Beta 3: TIFF.ImageDescription is no longer shown as a separate field, and changes to IPTC.Caption/Abstract are copied to both fields.  This is identical to the way Version 3 worked.

This is to get around a bug in MacOS that shows the TIFF.ImageDescription value as the caption, instead of the IPTC.Caption/Abstract field, even if the latter has a different value.

The ExifChanger main-screen view, Aperture, Preview, and maybe other Apple apps all show this behavior. Lightroom and Photo Mechanic always show the IPTC.Caption/Abstract field if it has a value, and never the TIFF.ImageDescription field, even if it has a different value. If the IPTC.Caption/Abstract field has no value, but the TIFF.ImageDescription field does, Lightroom shows the latter.

ExifChanger Version 4 Beta 3

New in 4.00B3:

  • Sizes of windows now remembered
  • New preference to convert Exif.MaxApertureValue from APEX to F number, to get around MacOS bug (set by default)
  • Scratchpad terminology changed to conform to Aperture (lift/stamp); Edit menu changed

ExifChanger Version 4 Beta 2


  • Shortcut removed for Setup Scratchpad, as it’s too easy to type it by mistake, and the command isn’t used often.
  • For ExifAux.LensInfo, spaces replace commas.
  • Confirmation added to Update preset to help prevent accidental updates.
  • Help revised to Version 4.

New ExifChanger beta with major new features

I’ve just finished a major new version, 4.00B1, with almost all of the most-requested new features, including the ability to edit the file name and file-system modification time (with macros!), and convenient copy/paste of metadata from one image to another (ideal for HDR).

You can download the beta from and use it free until the end of March.

Here’s is a summary of all the changes: 

  • FileModificationTime is preserved, unless explicitly set. (Version 3 set it to the current time.)
  • The embedded ExifTool has been updated to 9.18
  • New Adjust.FileModificationTime:00:00:00 macro, which works like the other Adjust macros.
  • All date/time macros can have a format after the name, with a colon separator. For example, {@Exif.DateTimeOriginal:YYYYMMDD} would be replaced by the date in the format YYYYMMDD (e.g., 20130220). The format codes are:

    YYYY – four-digit year
    YY – two-digit year
    MM – two-digit month
    DD – two-digit day
    hh – two-digit hour, 12-hour clock
    HH – two-digit hour, 24-hour clock
    mm – two-digit minute
    ss – two-digit second
    ap – AM/PM indicator
    WWW – abbreviated weekday (e.g., Tue)
    WWWW – spelled-out weekday (e.g., Tuesday)
    MMM – abbreviated month (e.g., Apr)
    MMMM – spelled-out month (e.g., April)

  • There’s a new Preview button on the Review Changes panel to see exactly what changes will be made prior to applying them.
  • New macros:

    FileNameNumber (last 4 characters of file name if its exactly 8 characters without extension; otherwise, whole name)

    Image.DateTime (a date guaranteed to be present; from EXIF info if available, file modification time if not)


  • New command to delete all metadata
  • ExifTool display of complete info (nothing checked) now sorted
  • Fields now changeable:

    TIFF.Orientation (will not update thumbnails)

  • Track map not shown, but markers of track start and end are.
  • TIFF.ImageDescription now shown and changeable. No longer set when IPTC.Caption/Abstract is set; the two are now independent.
  • ExifTool display of complete info (nothing checked) now sorted
  • ExifTool display of complete info (nothing checked) shows tag names if option key is held down.
  • New scratchpad for easily copying metadata for pasting into other images. On Edit menu: Setup Scratchpad copies checked metadata fields to the scratchpad, exactly like saving a preset. Copy to Scratchpad copies only the fields already on the scratchpad to the scratchpad, regardless of any checkmarks. Past from Scratchpad pastes metadata on the scratchpad, exactly like choosing a preset. This new feature is ideal for HDR situations when you want to quickly copy metadata from an original image to the HDR result.
  • New menu items to check all or none, for metadata checkboxes.

ExifChanger Version 3.17

This new version allows the date-adjusting macros to accept hours greater than 24. For example:


to add 10 days.

(Won’t be in the Mac App Store for a while yet… Apple hasn’t yet approved the previous version.)