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Still supporting Mac apps

After reading my posts about ways in which I’m moving away from Apple, a few people asked about continuing support for my Mac apps.

I’ll still be supporting them. What I’m not supporting is:

  • Some of my iOS apps, which can be only distributed via the App Store.
  • The Mac App Store versions of my OS X apps.

For the latter, anyone who buys the Mac App Store version and asks gets a free unlock code for the direct-download version, which is much newer. I’d send the unlock code automatically, but Apple won’t tell me who my customers are, which is just one of the problems with the App Stores.

Those Mac App Store apps that I’m talking about are mostly Ingestamatic, ExifChanger, and ProofSheet. The others account for a tiny fraction of my sales.

ExifChanger Version 4.3B2

  • In the list view (middle panel), times are now shown as 24-hour time, with seconds, so that sorting occurs correctly.
  • The geotagging preview panel is now working. (An earlier version broke it.) This is the View button in the Geotag group at the top-right of the metadata (rightmost) panel.

ExifChanger 4.3

  • ExifTool updated to version 9.69.
  • DNG.UniqueCameraModel now editable. (Effective only on DNGs.)
  • Multiple keywords (separated by commas) are now supported.
  • Keywords are written into XMP.Subject field in addition to IPTC.Keywords field, as OS X displays the former if it’s present.
  • If Quick Apply is clicked, the Apply button is no longer shown in the Review Changes panel.
  • A new Preferences option allows changes to be written directly into image files, so no “_original” files are created. Be sure you have a backup of your images if you exercise this option.

ExifChanger Beta Version 4.1B1

Several bugs were fixed:

  • The {@ask:…} macro now works.
  • Several problems with the {@adjust…} macros were fixed.
  • Geotagging is now effective even if no other changes were made; the bug was that if the only change was geotagging, it wasn’t performed.
  • Tracks are shown on the map.