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Ingestamatic Version 2.2 for Mac – Beta 2

New in Version 2.2 (Mac only):

  • Photo Stream button on Choose Input panel, to quickly ingest from Photo Stream.
  • DNG options for preview size and embedded raw on Preferences.
  • Duplicate images, based on file modification time and EXIF metadata, automatically skipped.
  • Size and position of main window remembered.
  • Preferences and Settings panels made smaller to better fit on small screens (e.g., MacBook Air).
  • Only latest images initially selected and checked.
  • New Edit-menu command to Select Checked.
  • Track Manager now shows starting and ending points of track.
  • Image Viewer starts with first selected image.
  • Double-clicking a thumbnail shows it in the Image Viewer.
  • ExifTool (used for embedding GPS coordinates) upgraded to Version 9.18.
  • Weekday and month names in macros now localized.
  • Several minor bugs fixed.

Most of these improvements will also be made to the Windows version, including the Photo Stream button if possible. No date for a Windows beta has been announced.

To download this beta, click the Download button in the Ingestamatic section at The beta can be used for free until March 30, whether you have an unlock code or not. Version 2.2 will be a free upgrade for all licensed Ingestamatic users, and will be available on the App Store when it is released. Features that Apple disallows (e.g., Photo Stream access) will not be available on the App Store. You can convert your App Store purchase to a website-direct purchase by sending email to Please enclose proof-of-purchase, if available.

Ingestamatic 2.11 for MacOS and 2.10 for Windows

Now both platforms have the new embedded-geotagging feature, and it’s on my default.

This means that by default geotagging is written directly into the ingested file (raw or JPEG), instead of being written to the sidecar. If you’re using Lightroom, it’s probably better to turn this option off, to put the geotagging into the XMP, but everything should also be OK if you leave it on. For other apps (Aperture, iPhoto, ACR/Photoshop, etc.) leave the option on.

The option is in the Preferences.

Ingestamatic Version 2.1 for MacOS can embed geotagging

Too few apps were able to take geotagging from the XMP sidecar, so there’s a new Preferences checkbox to execute ExifTool to embed the geotagging into the ingested image files themselves, as ImageIngester has always done. This should now work with Aperture, Photoshop, and any app that can do something with geotagging.