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I’ve just completed the first phase of a new web-based service called
you can make your own iPhone (or iPad) app to show your own photos.

Deliver an app next time you shoot a wedding, a boat race, or a soccer game!
Or just to show off your portfolio.
Without programming, signing up with Apple, or App Store approvals.

Once made, you get a unique URL that you can post on your web site or send by email.
For more details, read the FAQ.

Try these examples (use Safari on an iPhone, iPod, or iPad):

iPhone-sized photos:

     PhotoApp Example 1

     PhotoApp Example 2

iPad-sized photos:

PhotoApp Example 3

You can make a PhotoApp from photos on Flickr, Facebook, or SmugMug,
or you can download a Lightroom 3 export plugin that exports photos to Flickr and makes the PhotoApp all in one step (works with free Flickr accounts).

Sign up at and get 2 free PhotoApps (limited to 18 photos), or
buy credits for paid PhotoApps (no limits) for only a penny each during the beta period. (They go up to $1 later.)