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ImageVerifier for MacOS

Now you can download ImageVerifier for MacOS directly from my website, instead of buying it from the Mac App Store. You get a newer version, and I get a larger piece of the pie.

If you have the Mac App Store version and you want to upgrade for free, send me a support request and confirm that you have purchased the Mac App Store version.

I’ve changed the version number of the Windows version to match that of the Mac, so they’re both now 2.10.

The download link for both platforms can be found here.

ImageVerifier for Windows is back

I took it away last week when ImageIngester was removed from sale, but now ImageVerifier is back. (ImageIngester isn’t and won’t be.) In fact, you can now buy it separately for Windows for $14.99. (It used to be available on Windows only when combined with ImageIngester.) As before, there’s a trial version that can handle 50 images at a time.

The new version is 1.4.1, and you can upgrade if you’re already using ImageVerifier on Windows. I’ve fixed a few little bugs, but nothing that you’d notice.

I’ve listed the new version of ImageVerifier as running on versions of Windows from XP through 10, but I’ve only tested it on 10. File a support request if you have any problems on earlier versions of Windows.

You can continue to buy ImageVerifier for the Mac from the Mac App Store.

ImageIngester no longer sold; Ingestamatic continues on

Kagi, who has been handling ImageIngester registration codes for many years, suddenly went out of business, with zero notice. I’ve decided not to revise ImageIngester to use an alternative system, for two reasons:

  1. Sales are very low, and
  2. Ingestamatic does nearly everything ImageIngester does, a few things it doesn’t, has a much better user interface, and costs half as much.

I will continue to support ImageIngester users to the extent possible, but there will be no further updates. If you’ve paid for it and want a free unlock code for Ingestamatic, let me know.

Any installed versions of ImageIngester will continue to run. Kagi is involved only in sending out registration codes.

ImageVerifier will also no longer be sold, other than through the Mac App Store. I will continue to support ImageVerifier users.

ImageVerifier Version 1.3.01 handles newer DNG images

Previous versions of ImageVerifier processed non-DNG raws by passing them through Adobe DNG Converter, whereas DNGs were processed internally, using a library supplied by Adobe. The problem with this approach was that ImageVerifier couldn’t handle new DNG versions when they first came out, and users had to wait for an ImageVerifier update.

Now, with Version 1.3.01, ImageVerifier processes DNGs through DNG Converter, so all you have to do to stay updated with new DNG versions is update to the latest DNG Converter, making sure ImageVerifier’s Preferences are set appropriately.

Previous versions of ImageVerifier distinguished between DNGs and non-DNG raws. This is no longer the case; now they are all called simply “raws”.

Because this new version hasn’t been subjected to much field testing by users, treat it with caution.

New: ImageIngester 3.3.03 for Windows; ImageVerifier 1.2.04 for Windows and Mac

The new small-screen feature in Version 3.3.02 for Windows didn’t reduce the size of the File-Handling panel;
this new version should be better.

The only ImageVerifier change is to support three new file types as raws: IIQ, MOS, and RW2. There’s also a way described on the Technical Notes page to modify existing Jobs to support the new types (or any type).

ImageVerifier updated for Windows

Both the Mac and Windows versions have been updated to 1.2.03, although only the Windows version had any changes other than removal of the Beta indication on the main window. The Windows version changes were:

  • Implementation of the Verify Nested Subfolders checkbox. You can now skip subfolders.

  • The results panel is now resizable, so you can see long paths.