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New ImageIngester versions 3.5.05 for MacOS and 3.5.03 for Windows

A minor change for Version 3.5.05 for MacOS and 3.5.03 for Windows: Failure to set the access and modification times for an ingested file to what was on the source file is no longer considered an error,
as this does not affect EXIF data or the image itself.

Also, the beta-warning popup on launch is gone.

This hasn’t been a problem, as there haven’t been any reports of difficulties, but I noticed that files ingested from an iPod Touch running a pre-release iOS system did not have file times. I don’t know whether this will be fixed before this new version of iOS ships, so I made ImageIngester immune to the anomaly.

ImageIngester Version 3.5.01 for Windows supports PTP

Version 3.5.01 is now available for Windows,
but note that PTP will not work on XP.

On both platforms, starting with 3.5.x,
the default macro for all of the built-in folder and file naming drop-down choices is “DateTimeAny”
instead of “DateTime”, so the date and time will come from EXIF data if it’s available,
in preference to the modification date of the file.
DateTimeAny has for a long time been the recommended macro (over DateTime),
but on OS X with PTP, files don’t have a modification time, so DateTimeAny is
especially important.
(In the absence of a file modification time PTP on OS X uses the current time.)
See the User’s Manual for a full explanation of DateTimeAny, DateTime, and the other date and time macros.

This is a change only to the defaults if you use the drop-downs or have a brand new installation of II.
Any folder and file naming you’ve already set up will be unchanged.

ImageIngester Version 3.5.01 for Mac supports PTP

Cameras and other devices that connect using PTP instead of as Mass Storage Class devices are now supported.
You can now ingest directly when your device won’t connect as a drive or volume.
Importantly, this means that iPhone/iPod/iPad devices are supported;
all you have to do is connect them with a USB cable—it’s not necessary to run iTunes.

To get the new source-selection dialog, set the Source to “[user choice]” and then press the Thumbs or Start buttons.
The Cards button is unaffected by this change. (To set the Source to “[user choice]”, press the Set button and then the Cancel button in the folder-choosing dialog.)

As this version is new, please use it with caution.

The Windows counterpart is under development and will be posted for download shortly,
barring technical difficulties.

ImageIngester Version 3.4.10 for Windows

Catches up to the Mac version, except that thumbnails are shown in only one size.
A very new version (maturity = low), so use it with caution.

Here’s what’s new:

  • JPEG extraction from some raw types (see this blog entry for details).

  • RW2 thumbnails now shown

  • improved IPTC template

  • NRW added to list of raw types (for DNG Conversion)

ImageIngester now extracts JPEGs from raws

I’ve just put into a new OS X version (3.4.10) a feature that might change your workflow: You can extract JPEGs from raw files, making it in some cases unnecessary to shoot raw+JPEG because you need JPEGs immediately.

As you may know, some raw formats, including NEF, CR2, PEF, and RW2, contain an embedded full-size JPEG preview (in addition to a small thumbnail, in some cases). ImageIngester can now extract that JPEG and put it into a subfolder under the Primary Folder named JPEG. (You can’t customize the folder location.) Extracted JPEGs include EXIF and IPTC metadata taken from the raw. However, there’s no support for GPS tagging of extracted JPEGs, unless you ingest them again, of course.

The new checkbox to turn on JPEG extraction is on the File Handling Details panel:

XMP Metadata is always written to extracted JPEGs (if metadata is enabled) regardless of the setting of the Merge XMPs checkbox.

There are two other new features in Version 3.4.10:

  • Thumbnails for RW2 raws are now shown in the thumbnail viewer. (And full-size JPEGs can be extracted, as mentioned above.)

  • There’s a new metadata template, installed automatically, that’s more compatible with Microsoft Expression Media. (Half my support questions are related to metadata problems, so I plan additional work to make this part of ImageIngester more robust.)

This version is only for OS X right now. I expect to have the Windows version ready shortly.

Please send requests for additional raws form which JPEGs might be extracted, but it may not be possible to get a JPEG out, as some raws don’t store previews any larger than a thumbnail, and some don’t store their previews as JPEGs. And, there are some raw formats that I haven’t yet figured out how to parse. (Camera makers almost never document their raw formats.)

No need to ask about extracting previews from DNGs, as that’s already on my list. However, this feature is of limited use, because, of the few cameras that use DNG as their raw format, probably none includes a large preview.

You’re probably wondering if the extracted JPEG is the same as a raw+JPEG JPEG. I don’t know—I just extract what’s there. If anyone runs experiments along these lines, please let me know what you think.