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SiteKite Version 1.2

Available now as a beta.

New features:

  • Syntax coloring for HTML and PHP.
  • New Preferences dialog for setting syntax colors, font, and auto-indent.
  • Online access to HTML and PHP help.
  • Many performance improvements and bug fixes.

SiteKite Version 1.1

Here’s what’s new:
  • Selection is preserved when indenting and outdenting. (Version 1.0 selected entire lines.)
  • HTML syntax coloring.
  • Auto indent implemented, and settable via “Auto Indent” menu item. Preserved across launches.
  • “Check Spelling While Typing” menu item now preserved across launches.
  • Improvements to upload progress dialog.
  • New “Open Site in Finder” on action menu to open FTP site in Finder.
  • New “Open Site in Cyberduck” on action menu if Cyberduck is installed in /Applications.
  • Bug fixed that caused site properties (but not the site itself) to be removed if Site Properties dialog was cancelled.

Update: It’s actually Version 1.11–a little bug in syntax coloring was fixed.

SiteKite Released (with fixes since Beta 4)

Deletion bugs fixed: Deleting a file generated spurious messages. (The file was still deleted OK.)

Also, now refreshing the outline rereads all files, in case the contents changed externally.

The method for determining if an HTML file generated from a Markdown file can be overwritten has changed, so you may get incorrect warning messages from this new version. If the HTML in question was indeed generated from Markdown, just delete it, and SiteKite will create a new one.

Markdown is generated when you click the upload button, so there’s no need to worry about out-of-date generated HTML files.

Now released as Version 1.0. Two-week trial (which may have already started for you). Available for purchase for $9.99.

New app for website building: SiteKite

SiteKite is a simple HTML editor and FTP uploader that can be used to build and maintain a website. It’s ideal for those new to website building who want a tool that’s easy to learn, yet powerful enough to do the whole job.

SiteKite has all the essential features, including:

  • Built-in editing and preview.

  • An outline view of local files for the site.

  • FTP upload of just the changed files.

  • Find and replace, spell checking, and other standard editing features.

  • Settable editing font.

  • Automatic saving. No need to ever click the Save button.

  • Presets for multiple FTP sites.

  • Creating and renaming of files and folders.

  • Optional preview using the local web server,
    so PHP and other server-side languages can be previewed.

SiteKite is available now for MacOS 10.6/10.7 as a free beta with a two-week trial. (It will be released during the next two weeks.)

There are no plans for a Windows version, and no plans for MacOS earlier than 10.6 (Snow Leopard).