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Changes coming

Starting very soon, I’m going to write some actual articles here, not just short notes about app updates. I’ve done this on and off over the years, and now it will be on.


The only Chrome App that syncs with SimpleNote. With the apps available at, you
can have notes on iOS, Android, Mac OS X, the web, and, with this app, anywhere that Chrome runs (Mac, Windows, Linux, ChromeOS).

Click here to get it for free from the Chrome Web Store.

New home page

With all the screen sizes out there, it’s not just an iPhone/iPad/laptop/desktop world anymore. Now the home page uses Masonry for layout, so it works on any size screen. Most of the rest of the site is still the same.

New Site

I’ve revamped for easier navigation and a much better mobile layout. The small news window is now  front-and-center, and I plan to post blog entries that are more than just notes about new versions. I’ve also added a gallery of my latest photos. All of the previous content is still there, but now accessible by menus that appear on every page.

Affiliate links added

I’ve added some affiliate links at the bottom of the page. These aren’t just a random collection—they’re companies I’ve personally used and been happy with.

New support email:

This new email connects to a bug/suggestion-tracking system run by Fog Creek Software called FogBugz.

When you send an email, you’ll get a confirmation email right away. I’ll get the email just as fast as before, but now it will be easier to track.

When you send an email, please make sure it contains the name of the product, the platform, the version number, and any supporting material (such as the log file).