IBM 701 Emulator updated

While finishing off the Windows version, I discovered a bug in the assembler, so I prepared a new version (1.06) for the Mac. Details on the 701 page, which is now linked to from the main page.

9/11 Photos and App

Since 2011 I’ve had a free iOS app called 9/11 that contained thousands of photos and videos related to the 9/11 terrorist attacks. It was possibly the largest collection of such photos outside of government archives, and it’s been downloaded well over 100,000 times. The app (along with all of my other apps) is now gone for good, but the photos and videos are accessible here:

WARNING: Many of the photos and, especially, the videos are disturbing.

My new novel

I’ve just published my new novel, The Man in the Box, which is a mystery-romance about two mis-matched twenty-somethings in New York who get swept into trying to solve an old mystery—a very cold case. There are lots of surprises both with the case and with them.

My new book is available in Kindle and paper editions from Amazon. You can read an excerpt here.

My first novel, Bernie’s Bar & Girll, is also at Amazon.

I hope you enjoy the books!

All support now ended

Support for all but ProofSheet and ExifChanger had already ended last December, and now I’ve ended support for those two apps, too. If all you need is a lost unlock code, you can email me directly for that.

(I’m now retired. A few people have asked about open sourcing my apps, but even if that were practical, which it isn’t, it wouldn’t provide any support.)

A quote from Jeff Schewe

From his terrific book, The Digital Negative, which I’ve just started reading:

I’ll be the first to admit that some of the image adjustments might be viewed as, uh, aggressive, but I’m not known for subtlety. I’m not really interested in an accurate reproduction of a scene. I tend to go for an enhanced rendering. If I were a photojournalist or documentary photographer, I would need to tone down my approach, but I’m not, so I go for impact instead.

That’s exactly the way I think.