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Frank Lloyd Wright: Historic American Buildings Survey

Marc Rochkind

Download the 34-page PDF sample (F. C. Bogk House).

The Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS) was started in 1933 as one of the New Deal make-work programs, to employ jobless architects, draftspeople, and photographers. Its purpose is to document the nation’s architectural heritage, especially those buildings that are in danger of ruin or deliberate destruction. Today, the HABS is part of the National Park Service and its repository is in the Library of Congress, much of which is available online at

Of the tens of thousands HABS buildings, I found 44 Frank Lloyd Wright designs that have been digitized. Each HABS survey includes photographs and/or drawings and/or a report. I’ve included here what the Library of Congress had–sometimes all three, sometimes two of the three, and sometimes just one. There might be a single photo or drawing, or, such as in the case of Florida Southern College (in volume two), over a hundred.

While all of the documents in these books are on the Library of Congress website, they’re inconvenient to access. It’s time consuming to download the drawings as PDFs, which is what you have to do if you want to see their detail. The reports are separate PDFs, too. But I’ve done all that for you, and even turned the drawings on their side so that they fill the page.

None of the text in these books other than the introduction is from me. The photo captions are verbatim from the Library of Congress, and all of the documents are shown without alteration, except that I adjusted the brightness and contrast of a few of the photos and converted the few color photos to B&W. No photos were cropped or straightened, and I’ve retained the negative edges. A few reports that have only one page that says “Photographs” or “Drawings” have been left out, as they contain no useful information.


American System-Built Homes
Emil Bach House
Barnsdall Park
Barnsdall Park – Hollyhock House
Barnsdall Park – Residence A
Beth Sholom Synagogue
F. C. Bogk House (this sample)
Patricia Boulter House
E. E. Boynton House
B. Harley Bradley House
Broad Margin
James Charnley House
Avery Coonley House
Susan Lawrence Dana House
Ennis House


Florida Southern College
Francis Apartments
Samuel Freeman House
A. Glasner House
Isaac N. Hagan House
R. Heath House
Isidore Heller House
F. B. Henderson House
Johnson Wax Corporation Building
Lindholm Oil Company Service Station
Darwin D. Martin House
William E. Martin House
Meyer S. May House
V. C. Morris Store
Park Inn & City National Bank
Rose Pauson House
Price Tower
Ravine Bluffs Development Bridge


Frederick C. Robie House
Rookery Building
Pope-Leighey House
Oscar Steffens House
Storer House
Albert W. Sullivan House
Louis H. Sullivan Summer House
Suntop Houses
Taliesin – Tan-Y-Deri
Unity Temple
Lowell Walter House
William H. Winslow House
Wright Home & Studio
Reverend Jessie R. Ziegler House

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