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c7/smi_mq.h File Reference

Detailed Description

header for above [Sec. 7.7.2]

Definition in file smi_mq.h.

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SMIQsmi_open_mq (const char *name, SMIENTITY entity, size_t msgsize)
bool smi_close_mq (SMIQ *sqp)
bool smi_send_getaddr_mq (SMIQ *sqp, struct client_id *client, void **addr)
bool smi_send_release_mq (SMIQ *sqp)
bool smi_receive_getaddr_mq (SMIQ *sqp, void **addr)
bool smi_receive_release_mq (SMIQ *sqp)

Function Documentation

bool smi_close_mq SMIQ sqp  ) 

Definition at line 144 of file smi_mq.c.

References make_mq_name_client(), make_mq_name_server(), mq_close, mq_unlink, my_pid, SERVER_NAME_MAX, SMI_SERVER, SMIQ_MQ::sq_entity, SMIQ_MQ::sq_mqd_server, and SMIQ_MQ::sq_msg.

Referenced by smi_open_mq().

SMIQ* smi_open_mq const char *  name,
SMIENTITY  entity,
size_t  msgsize

Definition at line 103 of file smi_mq.c.

References SMIQ_MQ::client_info::cl_mqd, EC_CLEANUP_BGN, EC_CLEANUP_END, ec_cmp, EC_FAIL, ec_neg1, ec_null, errno, getpid(), make_mq_name_client(), make_mq_name_server(), mq_attr::mq_maxmsg, mq_attr::mq_msgsize, mq_open, mq_unlink, mqd_t, my_pid, PERM_FILE, SERVER_NAME_MAX, smi_close_mq(), SMI_SERVER, SMIQ, SMIQ_MQ::sq_clients, SMIQ_MQ::sq_entity, SMIQ_MQ::sq_mqd_server, SMIQ_MQ::sq_msg, SMIQ_MQ::sq_msgsize, and SMIQ_MQ::sq_name.

bool smi_receive_getaddr_mq SMIQ sqp,
void **  addr

Definition at line 195 of file smi_mq.c.

References SMIQ_MQ::client_info::cl_mqd, EC_CLEANUP_BGN, EC_CLEANUP_END, ec_neg1, mq_receive, mqd_t, SMI_SERVER, SMIQ_MQ::sq_clients, SMIQ_MQ::sq_entity, SMIQ_MQ::sq_mqd_server, SMIQ_MQ::sq_msg, and SMIQ_MQ::sq_msgsize.

bool smi_receive_release_mq SMIQ sqp  ) 

Definition at line 215 of file smi_mq.c.

bool smi_send_getaddr_mq SMIQ sqp,
struct client_id *  client,
void **  addr

Definition at line 164 of file smi_mq.c.

References SMI_SERVER, SMIQ_MQ::sq_client, SMIQ_MQ::sq_entity, and SMIQ_MQ::sq_msg.

bool smi_send_release_mq SMIQ sqp  ) 

Definition at line 175 of file smi_mq.c.

References EC_CLEANUP_BGN, EC_CLEANUP_END, ec_neg1, get_client_mqd(), mq_send, mqd_t, my_pid, SMI_SERVER, SMIQ_MQ::sq_client, and SMIQ_MQ::sq_entity.

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