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common/macrostr.c File Reference

Detailed Description

Convert macro values to strings [Sec. 5.8 (not in book)].

Definition in file macrostr.c.

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#define __EXTENSIONS__


char * get_macrostr (const char *cat, int code, char **desc)


struct {
   char *   ms_cat
   intptr_t   ms_code
   char *   ms_macro
   char *   ms_desc
macrostr_db []

Define Documentation

#define __EXTENSIONS__

Definition at line 21 of file macrostr.c.

Function Documentation

char* get_macrostr const char *  cat,
int  code,
char **  desc

Definition at line 418 of file macrostr.c.

Referenced by display_status(), errsymbol(), Ux::operator<<(), syserrmsgline(), and syserrmsgtype().

Variable Documentation

struct { ... } macrostr_db[] [static]

char* ms_cat

Definition at line 42 of file macrostr.c.

intptr_t ms_code

Definition at line 43 of file macrostr.c.

char* ms_desc

Definition at line 45 of file macrostr.c.

char* ms_macro

Definition at line 44 of file macrostr.c.

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