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Agfa Silette/Ansco Memar - 1953
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• Very popular low-priced 35mm

• $39.50 in 1954 ($320 in 2010 dollars)

The Agfa Silette, of which this was the first version (Type 1), was imported into the US by Ansco as the Memar. A million were sold in its first four years of production.

Many models followed, some with rangefinders. But this first model was zone focusing.

You pulled back slightly on the aperture ring to rotate it independently of the shutter ring. Then, with the two locked together, you could choose a shutter speed or aperture without changing the exposure you'd set.

The Silette/Memar was about the same price as the non-rangefinder Kodak Pony, but was a much better camera, which helps to explain its popularity.

Agfa SiletteAgfa SiletteAgfa SiletteAgfa Silette
Agfa SiletteAgfa Silette

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