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Kodak Bantam RF - 1953
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• $62.75 in 1954 ($509 in 2010 dollars)

The Bantam RF was first sold in 1953 in a kit with case and flash, where it was called the Kodak Town and Country Camera. The camera alone was first sold in 1954, as the Bantam RF.

Bantams all took 828 film, the same size as 35mm, but packaged as a roll film without sprocket holes.

The Bantam RF costs twice as much as the Kodak Pony (828 or 35), but, unlike the Pony, it had a coupled rangefinder.

Kodak Bantam RFKodak Bantam RFKodak Bantam RFKodak Bantam RF
Article fron Popular Science, Nov. 1953Ad from Popular Mechanics, June 1955

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