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Argus C-4 - 1951
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• Sleek follow-on to wildly popular C-3

• $99.50 in 1951 ($834 in 2010 dollars)

What a shock the launch of this camera must have been! To follow the clunky-looking C-3, the brick, with this beauty that looks like a real camera.

The C-4 is well done, with a large combination view/rangefinder and convenient controls. Unlike the C-3, it didn't have interchangeable lenses, but in 1956 that was remedied with the C-44.

My C-4 was a gift from a fellow photo.net member. It wasn't on my list of cameras to get, but it should have been. Works very well, too, as you can see from the photos I took.

(Argus calls it the C-4 in advertising, the C4 in the instruction manual, and the C-four on the camera itself.)

Argus C-4Argus C-4Argus C-4Argus C-4
Argus C-4Argus C-3 and C-4Ad from Popular Photography, June 1951Ad from Popular Photography, Aug. 1951
Ad from Popular Photography, Sept. 1951Taken with Argus C4 in Boulder, CO (August 2011)Taken with Argus C4 in Boulder, CO (August 2011)Taken with Argus C4 in Boulder, CO (August 2011)

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