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Bolsey Model B - 1947
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• Compact US-made 35mm rangefinder popular with women

• $50.63 in 1948 ($458 in 2010 dollars)

Jacques Bolsey is probably better known for the Bolex 16mm movie camera, which he introduced in 1927. He moved to the US from Switzerland in 1939 and brought out the Bolsey B in 1947. It was compact and therefore favored by and marketed to women.

Later, he produced a twin-lens-reflex from the Model B by essentially popping the top. (See the Bolsey Model C, also in this app.)

Bolsey's idea was to take advantage in the surge in interest in photography after the war by introducing a high-quality, but low-cost, 35mm. And high-quality it was, as well as being extremely compact. In fact, of all the US-made cameras I've seen, the Bolsey has the most German feel to it.

But increasing labor costs made his equation unprofitable, and the business ended in 1956.

Bolsey Model BBolsey Model BBolsey Model BBolsey Model B
Bolsey Model BGuide entry from Popular Photography, Oct. 1948Ad from Popular Photography, June 1949

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