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Kodak Tourist - 1948
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• Inexpensive medium-format folder

• $24.50 with 88mm f12.5 lens in 1948 ($222 in 2010 dollars)

Kodak Tourists were flexible: They came in four versions, depending on lens and shutter, and their backs were completely removable, allowing the use of kits for various image sizes on 620 film, and even a way to use 828 (same size as 35mm) film.

My Tourist is the cheapest model, with no focusing at all and an 88mm (wide angle) f12.5 lens. The shutter speed was fixed, too, at 1/50 sec., so this model was essentially a folding box camera.

Tourists with better and faster lenses, scale focusing (no rangefinder), and adjustable shutter speeds cost more, with the top-of-the-line going for $95 ($860 in 2010 dollars).

The Tourist II came out in 1951 and was made until 1958, when Kodak stopped producing medium-format folders altogether.

2011-08-03: Kodak TouristKodak TouristKodak TouristKodak Tourist
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