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Kodak Brownie Starmatic - 1959
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• One of Kodak's first auto-exposure still cameras

• $34.50 in 1959 ($259 in 2010 dollars)

The Starmatic was one of several auto-exposure cameras introduced in 1959, a big year for auto-exposure. (For SLRs, too, as the Nikon F debuted that year.)

The Starmatic was expensive for a Brownie at $34.50 ($259 in 2010 dollars). By comparison, the Brownie Starflash cost only a third as much. Even an Olympus Pen (no meter, though) was only about $30.

Kodak Brownie StarmaticKodak Brownie StarmaticKodak Brownie StarmaticArticle from Popular Photography, May 1959
Article from Popular Photography, May 1959Review from Modern Photography, Aug. 1959Ad from Modern Photography, Aug. 1959 - Note introduction of fast color film, making auto-exposure essential for point-and-shoot 35mm camerasAd from Modern Photography, Aug. 1959
Ad from Popular Photography, Jan. 1960

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