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Canon 110ED - 1975
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• High-end 110 camera

• $189 with f2 lens in 1975 ($766 in 2010 dollars)

Kodak and other camera makers keep trying to make cameras easier to load, notably with the introduction of Instamatics in 1963. In 1972 they introduced Pocket Instamatics and 110 film. (Disc film came along in 1982, and APS in 1996. Then digital eliminated the film-loading problem permanently.)

Canon introduced this high-end 110 rangefinder in 1975 at the astoundingly high price of $189, although that did include a separate electronic flash that was half-again as big as the camera. (That's $766 in 2010 dollars.)

I guess I can understand why someone would pay that much, because I did, buying my 110ED in the same year that I bought a Canon AE-1 (also shown by this app). I have some pictures today only because the 110ED was in my pocket at the time.

While the 110ED was indeed pocketable, it isn't nearly as small as today's point-and-shoots, as shown by the photos below comparing it to a current Canon S95.

(While I'm basically a Nikon shooter, as my serious cameras are all Nikons, I'm on my 4th Canon pocketable: 110ED, ELPH (an APS camera, same size as the S95), G9, and S95. Canon always put a lot of effort into pocketables.)

Interestingly, Canon must not have thought the 110ED would have a long life, since the calendar goes only through 1986.

Canon 110EDCanon 110EDCanon 110EDCanon 110ED
Canon 110EDCanon 110ED compared to Canon S95 (2011)Canon 110ED compared to Canon S95 (2011)Article from Popular Photography, Nov. 1974
Review from Popular Photography, Aug. 1975Review from Popular Photography, Aug. 1975

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