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Olympus Pen F - 1963
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• First half-frame SLR

• $149.50 with f1.8 lens in 1964 ($1052 in 2010 dollars)

An amazing design from Olympus's Yoshihisa Maitani, who had previously designed the Pen, and would go on to design the OM-1 and the XA. (The Pen, OM-1, and an XA2 are in this app.)

The camera's small size came from having the mirror go sideways and from substituting another mirror for the usual pentaprism.

Olympus Pen FOlympus Pen FOlympus Pen FAd from Popular Photography, July 1964
Article from Popular Photography, July 1963Review from Popular Photography, June 1964Review from Popular Photography, June 1964

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