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Nikon Nikkorex Zoom 35 - 1963
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• First 35mm SLR with fixed zoom

• $219.50 in 1963 ($1564 in 2010 dollars)

Zoom lenses weren't nearly as common in 1963 as they are today, so this camera was unusual indeed. The range was only 43mm to 86mm, and the maximum aperture was only f3.5. No instant-return mirror; the image didn't come back until you advanced the film.

The same lens was available in an F mount and was popular despite its poor performance. It probably contributed to the poor reputation of zooms in the early days.

Nikon Nikkorex Zoom 35Ad from Popular Photography, April 1963Ad from Popular Photography, Feb. 1964Article from Popular Science, April 1963
Review from Popular Photography, March 1963

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