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A picture can tell a million stories. With every click of a camera and every photo taken, we are telling stories and capturing moments that we cannot take back. In this connection, imaging of microscopic objects is not just through our imagination because taking pictures by the use of a microscope is really happening in the science of microscopy. Microscope photography is the newest and the hottest craze that every microscopist can’t seem to get over with.

Through microscope photography we are guaranteed that every picture taken is preserved for further analysis. According to a research, there are three main methods for taking still pictures or video through microscopes. The first method is the light coming out of the eyepiece is in the form of parallel rays and by simply adjusting the focus; it is possible to make these rays convergent and this microscope photography method uses this principle to form a real image of the object at a certain distance from the exit pupil of the ocular. The second method is when the camera is placed very near the ocular of the microscope.

This microscope photography method is based on the fact that the imaging forming light rays that come from the eyepiece is parallel and can be directly sent to an imaging apparatus that is designed to work in a parallel light. And no other equipment does is better than a microscope camera that is designed for ordinary photography of more or less distant objects. The last method consists of projecting the primary image of the specimen produced by the objective directly onto the sensitive surface of the photographic apparatus.

Since the sophistication of microscope, taking pictures with it is one of the most outstanding improvements in the science of microscopy. Microscope photography will take every experiment to the next level since there are still pictures for us to study and to marvel in awe the wonders behind our eyes can see. With every shot beneath the lens of a microscope can be interpreted by more than a pair eyes can have a higher chance to be accurately criticized and studied for more evaluation. So surf up as you review the site for more information about microscope photography and other related topics.

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