ExifChanger Version 4.3B2

  • In the list view (middle panel), times are now shown as 24-hour time, with seconds, so that sorting occurs correctly.
  • The geotagging preview panel is now working. (An earlier version broke it.) This is the View button in the Geotag group at the top-right of the metadata (rightmost) panel.

ExifChanger 4.3

  • ExifTool updated to version 9.69.
  • DNG.UniqueCameraModel now editable. (Effective only on DNGs.)
  • Multiple keywords (separated by commas) are now supported.
  • Keywords are written into XMP.Subject field in addition to IPTC.Keywords field, as OS X displays the former if it’s present.
  • If Quick Apply is clicked, the Apply button is no longer shown in the Review Changes panel.
  • A new Preferences option allows changes to be written directly into image files, so no “_original” files are created. Be sure you have a backup of your images if you exercise this option.

New home page

With all the screen sizes out there, it’s not just an iPhone/iPad/laptop/desktop world anymore. Now the home page uses Masonry for layout, so it works on any size screen. Most of the rest of the site is still the same.

Historic Atlantic City – A New Gallery

I’ve just built a new gallery showing over a thousand historic photos of Atlantic City hotels, piers, and boardwalk scenes, along with some new photos that I shot just last week that show the four hotels and three piers that remain from Atlantic City’s heyday. It’s based on the contents of my Historic Atlantic City app for the iPad.

There are interactive maps for hotels and piers.

The emphasis is on the historic hotels, not the newer casino hotels.

Here’s the link: http://basepath.com/new/articles/atlantic-city/.

ProofSheet Version 1.52

The version I uploaded last week, 1.51. had a change that reposition footers to be directly under images, wrapped to a width no wider than the image. This version, 1.52, puts things back to the way they were.

If you liked the 1.51 behavior, let me know and I’ll consider making this an option.

Ingestamatic Version 2.20B1 for Windows

This major new version of Ingestamatic for Windows brings it up-to-date with the Mac version, which got most of these features back in March. Because so much is new, proceed cautiously, and don’t use this version for important images until you’ve convinced yourself that it’s working. As usual, always check that the files were ingested properly before deleting images from the card or camera.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Photo Stream button on Image Source panel, to quickly ingest from Apple Photo Stream.
  • DNG options for preview size and embedded raw on Preferences.
  • Ingested files have their modified time set to the originals.
  • Duplicate images, based on file modification time and EXIF metadata, automatically skipped.
  • New Edit-menu command to Select Checked.
  • Track Manager now shows starting and ending points of tracks, and the tracks themselves.
  • Manual Geotagging panel now uses a marker instead of crosshairs.
  • Image Viewer starts with first selected image.
  • Double-clicking a thumbnail shows it in the Image Viewer.
  • Geotagging info in Preview panel clarified.
  • ExifTool (used for embedding GPS coordinates) upgraded to Version 9.3.4.
  • GPSBabel upgraded to
  • Several minor bugs fixed.