Changes coming

Starting very soon, I’m going to write some actual articles here, not just short notes about app updates. I’ve done this on and off over the years, and now it will be on.

Ingestamatic Version 2.22 for Mac


  • GPX files with fractional seconds are now handled properly.
  • A modal dialog no longer appears after ingestion unless errors occurred.
  • Manual geotagging location remembered when app is relaunched.
  • ExifTool updated to version 9.88.
  • GPSBabel updated to version 1.5.2.

No changes yet to the Windows version.


The only Chrome App that syncs with SimpleNote. With the apps available at, you
can have notes on iOS, Android, Mac OS X, the web, and, with this app, anywhere that Chrome runs (Mac, Windows, Linux, ChromeOS).

Click here to get it for free from the Chrome Web Store.

ExifChanger Version 4.3B2

  • In the list view (middle panel), times are now shown as 24-hour time, with seconds, so that sorting occurs correctly.
  • The geotagging preview panel is now working. (An earlier version broke it.) This is the View button in the Geotag group at the top-right of the metadata (rightmost) panel.

ExifChanger 4.3

  • ExifTool updated to version 9.69.
  • DNG.UniqueCameraModel now editable. (Effective only on DNGs.)
  • Multiple keywords (separated by commas) are now supported.
  • Keywords are written into XMP.Subject field in addition to IPTC.Keywords field, as OS X displays the former if it’s present.
  • If Quick Apply is clicked, the Apply button is no longer shown in the Review Changes panel.
  • A new Preferences option allows changes to be written directly into image files, so no “_original” files are created. Be sure you have a backup of your images if you exercise this option.

New home page

With all the screen sizes out there, it’s not just an iPhone/iPad/laptop/desktop world anymore. Now the home page uses Masonry for layout, so it works on any size screen. Most of the rest of the site is still the same.