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The very latest on RAW vs. JPEG from Thom Hogan

Here's the discussion brought completely up-to-date, by Thom Hogan. Spoiler: "The answer is still raw if you’re trying to get the most out of your images that you can."

Ingestamatic and ImageIngester on MacOS Sierra

On MacOS Sierra (10.12), in the Choose Input or Image Source dialog, you must click the Other button (at the bottom), instead of the card icon or card name.

Windows just got the only MacOS feature I missed

When I switched to Windows as my main machine last January, I found that, except for one thing, it worked more-or-less the same as MacOS. Many details were different, of course, but both systems had the same functionality (almost). Some apps, such as Lightroom, Photoshop, and a few others, were identical.

The feature I missed was being able to open up a UNIX shell. I used that a lot, especially when running scripts.

Well, I just discovered that Windows now has a Subsystem for Linux, which runs a genuine Ubuntu shell. It's the real thing, a joint project between Microsoft and Canonical. Linux itself isn't there, but the kernel API is. (As I understand it--I only spent 2 minutes looking into the technicalities.)

This is somewhat more convenient than what MacOS has, because its shell has BSD commands, whereas the Linux (GNU, really) commands are more widely known.

Now, as far as I'm concerned, there is no non-superficial difference between Windows and MacOS as OSes. There is still a difference between what apps are available. For example, there's no Coda for Windows. In fact, there's no ProofSheet or ExifChanger, two of my own apps. There are also, of course, lots of Windows apps that aren't on MacOS. But all of my important apps (notably Lightroom and Photoshop) are on both.

And Windows hardware is substantially cheaper, no matter what Apple and Mac fanboys say.

Your situation is, of course, different.

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Mac/Windows Apps

Apps for serious photographers: Exif­Changer, Ingest­amatic, Proof­Sheet, and Exif­Extreme.

Verifying and Uploading Large Archives of Photos

ZipVerifier and S3BigUpload are for preparing large image archives and uploading them to Amazon S3 and Glacier. Designed for the backup of last resort, to be retrieved only if all other backups have been destroyed. The emphasis is on verifying that the archive is absolutely correct and that the upload, which could take days, completes and is correct.


The first Chrome App for SmugMug. You can browse galleries, organized by category and subcategory, view thumbnails for a gallery, and view larger images, annotated with EXIF data. As it runs under Chrome, it works on Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, and Chromebooks.

Classic Cameras

The web version of the iOS Classic Cameras app, now free. Features high-resolution photos of over 100 classic cameras, along with reviews, ads, and lots more. A treat for anyone who's ever shot with a classic film camera.

Wright Brothers Photographs

Photographs taken by the Wright Brothers themselves, digitized by the Library of Congress from the original glass plates. Contains 183 photographs with captions. Includes many taken at Kitty Hawk, including early gliding experiments and the first flight.

Programming Chrome Apps

Also available from Amazon.

Expert PHP and MySQL

My latest book, capturing what I've learned building apps, both the few successes and the many failures. Advanced material, too, such as two-factor authentication and data conversion.

Published by Apress in 2013 and available from Amazon.

Generating PDFs with PHP and FPDF

How to use the free FPDF library to generate PDFs directly from your PHP app.

Published in 2013 and available as an eBook from Amazon.

Advanced UNIX Programming

The first book on UNIX programming, updated in 2004.

Published by Addison-Wesley and available from Amazon.

More Books

All of my books (16 or so), available from Amazon.

Bernie's Bar & Girll

My first (and only) novel, which would be a romance, except that the main character is a man. It's got everything: humor, sex, a car chase, a bar fight, a trial, an exposé of Big Oil, and some endearing Creationists.

Published in 2012 and available from Amazon as a $1 eBook.


Various articles I've written over the years, ranging from mind-numbingly serious to ridiculously silly. Most are in-between.

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