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Here are more than 100 of the most important and interesting Classic Cameras, dating from 1905 to 1985, when the classic-era-ending Minolta Maxxum 7000 was introduced. All of the featured cameras are in my personal collection, and all of their photos were taken by me (Marc Rochkind).

Many of the cameras here are "firsts" in some way, such as:

Tap one of the big buttons below to go to that section. When you see a grid view (photos, ads, reviews, etc.), tap again on an image in the grid to see it full-screen. If you're viewing this on an iPad, turning it to portrait helps in reading the ads, articles, and reviews.

The first six buttons cover all the cameras. You can also see them listed alphabetically, by type, or ordered by new price. Additional articles follow. I'll be adding more cameras and more articles in the future, and you'll get them without having to update this app.

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PhotoWordLogo-72 PhotoWord — Unique and addictive photo guessing game. You see 6 photos that have a common tag, and then you choose the tag from one of the buttons. There are over a quintillion combinations of buttons and over 100,000 possible images.
Pultimate-72 Photochrom — Photochroms—color lithographs made from photographic negatives—were popular for a few decades from about 1890 on, before color photography was commercially viable. With Photochrom Ultimate you can view over 6,000 photochroms, divided into three volumes of about 2,000 Photochroms each. Each volume is also available as a separate app.
AA-72 Carol M. Highsmith's America — Nearly 10,000 photographs from the Carol M. Highsmith Archive at the Library of Congress. Four groups of photos: Carol's Favorite 100, Alabama (about 4,000 photographs), Washington, D. C. (about 3,000), and most of the other states (about 2,500).
Cuba-72 Carol M. Highsmith's Cuba — About 400 photographs of Cuba from the Carol M. Highsmith Archive at the Library of Congress. Not just government buildings and museums—lots of street life, too.
ManzanarIcon-72 Manzanar — 244 Ansel Adams photos, 61 Manzanar-related Dorothea Lange photos, 63 photos of Manzanar in 1994, and all 112 pages of Adams's 1944 book, Born Free and Equal. Manzanar was one of 10 War Relocation Centers—prisons, really—operated from 1942 to 1944. It's the best known, principally because it was photographed by Ansel Adams.
Cityscapes-72 Cityscape Panoramas — Over 900 historic panoramic photographs of US and foreign cities. Ten chronological groups, and four city groups: Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco. The widest panorama is over 10,000 pixels, which is 10 iPad screens of panning! Drag your finger to pan, as though you were looking at the scene live and swiveling your neck. It's a fun, unique way to view panoramas.
Lange-72 FSA-OWI: Dorothea Lange — Perhaps the best-known photographer working for the Farm Security Administration (FSA) from about 1933 to 1939. Shows essentially all of her digitized FSA photographs in the Library of Congress archive, over 3,800 photographs in all.
Rothstein-72 FSA-OWI: Arthur Rothstein — About 9,000 photographs by Arthur Rothstein, one of the most prolific photographers working for the Farm Security Administration (FSA) and the Office of War Information (OWI) from about 1934 to 1942.
SpaceFlight-72 Space Flight Photos — About 900 images of American space flight from the NASA archives, divided into 10 groups covering the Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Skylab, Shuttle, and Space Station programs. Captions, all from NASA, are extensive: almost 100,000 words in all.
Aeronautics-72 Aeronautics Photos — About 350 images of American aeronautics from the NASA archives, divided into three groups: Aircraft, Research, and Early Research. Extensive captions, all from NASA.
ClassicCameras-72 Classic Cameras — Over 500 close-up, high-resolution photos, vintage ads, reviews, articles, and original brochures of over 60 of the most important classic cameras from 1905 to 1985. First 35mm SLR, first Polaroid, first SLR with a pentaprism, first SLR with an instant-return mirror, first autofocus camera, and many more "firsts".

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